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Mindy and Bruce Mylrea - One Day To Wellness - Episode 29

“I would like to see it (the fitness industry) flipped upside down to where evidence-based nutrition is the primary tool when you walk in the door and that it’s the theme you see when you come to a fitness conference…”  Bruce Mylrea – One Day To Wellness

In Episode 29 The Two Fit Crazies catch up with Mindy and Bruce Mylrea to discuss their freewheeling, veggie eating, mission of brining “science and evidence-based information” on the benefits of Whole Food Plant Based nutrition to the masses through their non-profit wellness movement, One Day To Wellness.

 A pillar of the fitness industry for many year, Mindy has won almost every major award the industry has to offer including IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year, PFP Trainer of the Year, and International Presenter of the Year. She has starred in over 400 fitness videos and created the ever-popular Gliding Disks along with cutting edge education for the fitness industry including the award winning Tabata Bootcamp program.

Bruce joined Mindy in the fitness world in 2005. In 2011, to treat Bruce’s high cholesterol numbers, both Bruce and Mindy transitioned to a whole food, plant-based diet #wfpb. This was a pivotal point in both Bruce’s and Mindy’s life. A game changer for sure. Bruce successfully lowered his total cholesterol by over 100 points and lost over 25 pounds. However, just one year later, Bruce was blindsided by being diagnosed with prostate cancer. Armed with his WFPB diet and with various treatments under his belt, Bruce is reporting that he’s feeling better than ever. Likewise, Mindy sounds more than happy with everything that #plantstrong Bruce brings to the party! Ha-ha! These two are a lot of fun!

Together, they saw a void in the fitness industry in the lack of attention given to nutrition and wellness. And so, together, they’ve set out to educate the country (and Canada) with One Day To Wellness.

So how do you spread the mission? How do you share your passion? Fly around the country week after week? Nope! Drop into a city for the weekend? No Way!!! Not Mindy and Bruce! They opted for the road less traveled. They’ve taken to the highways and byways of America in an R.V. that they’ve wrapped with fruits and veggies and coined the “Wellness Wagon”. In fact, for the interview, the Mylrea’s called in from their R.V. parked in Jackson, MS! So Cool!

Hear how their story unfolds and listen to what they have planned for their future as they travel the country, two peas in a pod, preaching Whole Food, Plant Based health and wellness.


Two Fit Crazies and a Microphone.

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