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We are Where It's At!

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Jonathan Ross - Funtensity - Episode 25

“Changing the game by making it one.” Jonathan Ross.

And with that, Jonathan Ross, Chief Funtensity Officer, explains the genesis of his fitness creation, Funtensity.

In Episode 25, the Two Fit Crazies have the pleasure of catching up with Jonathan Ross to hear his story on how and why he came up with his program that incorporates, among other things, a Rubber Chicken to help create a change in body, a change in mind and a change in the way that people feel about fitness!

Oh, and about that Rubber Chicken? Take it from Jonathan, “It’s irresistible. I’ve seen some hard-core fitness types standing there with their arms folded. But once they start throwing it around, they become a kid again.”

Listen in and find out why, “The 80% come for the fun. The 20% come for the intensity. Everyone stays for the Funtensity.”

Come “Lose yourself in play to find yourself in fitness." Just like Two Fit Crazies and a Microphone, Funtensity is Where It's At! 

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