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Karli Taylor - BarreFlow - Episode 32

Meet Us At The Barre!!!

Episode 32 – Karli Taylor – Creator of BarreFlow


In Episode 32, the Fit Crazies rap with Karli Taylor, creator of BarreFlow to get the skinny on her innovative program that combines the emerging and popular fitness genre that is Barre and Vinyasa Yoga like flow into one posture improving, core developing, multi joint/multi muscle moving workout.

Barre has been a hit on the scene for a while now and Karli is the first guest on our show to discuss it. We hear of Barre’s origins, what guided her towards it and what she saw as areas that she could take the philosophy to a different level with added movement.

In addition, Karli gives us the lowdown on who her BarreFlow program can benefit. The short answer? Everybody! Men. Women. Young. Old. Athletes. Pre and post-natal. You name it. With modifications and advancements for all, if you’ve got a body, you’ll find your flow with BarreFlow. We even hear Christine’s firsthand recount of her experience BarreFlow! And let’s just say, she found it to be more challenging than she anticipated. That alone should peak your interest!


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