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Kent Bierly and Chris Marzella - Pure Focus Sports Club - ANBF - Episode 57

Two Fit Crazies and a Microphone Podcast

Episode 57 - Kent Bierly and Chris Marzarella – Pure Focus Sports Club


In Episode 57, the Two Fit Crazies sit down with Kent Bierly and Chris Marzarella, the co-owner of one of the only “real gyms” that still exists in New Jersey, Pure Focus Sports Club. These two “strong men,” to say the least, are not only super knowledgeable and passionate about body building but continue to compete on stage to this day! Kent and Chris also tell us what goes into preparing for body building competitions and how Kent came to create the ANBF! This episode is sure to “PUMP YOU UP!”


-Two Fit Crazies

Kent Bierly - President of ANBF-American Natural Body Building Federation, Co-Owner of Pure Focus Sports Club in Brick, NJ, Labelled as “all-time winningest natural pro bodybuilder,” Pro in USBF, IFPA, DFAC, IDFA, & NGA

Chris Marzarella - Co-Owner of Pure Focus Sports Club in Brick, NJ, Owner of Marzarella Fitness & Sports Conditioning, author of A Definitive Guide Daily Undulating Periodization, Ironman Magazine contributor, Masters Power Lifter.



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