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Gregg Cook - Deep Health Evolution - Episode 45

Two Fit Crazies and a Microphone Podcast

Episode 45 - Gregg Cook – Deep Health Evolution


Voted One of the Best Instructors in NYC by New York Magazine

Master Trainer: BOSU, Urban Rebounding, Schwinn

Daily Burn 365 Trainer, Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Key-Note Speaker

Featured on Good Day America and the TODAY Show

National Presenter: IDEA, ECA, and Sarah City Conventions

Deep Health Evolution, Co-Owner with his wife, Fatima Cook


In episode #45, Two Fit Crazies and a Microphone had the absolute pleasure to talk with Gregg Cook, a fitness professional who has found great success due to his passion to provide the world with the tools to take health, strength and joy into their own hands by way of a lifestyle. Gregg discusses his journey from taking classes at CRUNCH Fitness in NYC, to becoming a national fitness presenter, to collaborating with his wife, Fatima, to create their own company, Deep Health Evolution. Gregg is not only an amazingly educated and compassionate fitness leaver, but also down-to-earth and hilarious. Make sure to listen carefully and find out why Gregg’s toenails are painted blue and why he is headed to Mallorca, Spain this fall.


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