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Kershel Anthony - KERMOOMKA & KERBOOMKIDZ - Episode 51

Two Fit Crazies and a Microphone Podcast

Episode 51

Kershel Anthony





Dance Choreographer, Actor, Personal Trainer, & Fitness Instructor

Entrepreneur, National Presenter


In Episode 51, the Two Fit Crazies get even crazier when they are joined by THE Kershel Anthony, creator and CEO of KERBOOMKA and KERBOOMKIDZ! Kershel talks candidly about the struggles and triumphs he encountered creating and launching his own dance fitness and motivational programs as well as his AMAZING desire to inspire kids around the world to: stay healthy, be more active, be kind, and ALWAYS BE GREAT! Check out Kershel because he is going WORLD-WIDE!

Insta: @kershelanthony @kerboomkidz @kerboomka

Facebook: KerBoomKa, Kershel Anthony, Kerboomkidz


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