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What's Holding You Back? - Episode 58

On Episode 58 of the Two Fit Crazies and a Microphone Podcast, Brian and Christine recap an awesome Episode 57 with the great fellas from Pure Focus Sports Club. What a great time that Episode was. Old school gym owners discussing the ins and out of power lifting and body building! It’s a classic!

From there they lead into their topic du jour. “What’s Holding You Back?” It’s an interesting topic in that it is something that we hear often and know all too well.

I/You/We know that I/you/we should be doing something differently, but just don’t always do that thing that I/you/we know that we should be doing. Something is holding you back from doing what must be done.

So, What Is It? What Is Holding You Back?

The answer is yours. It’s personal. If we were playing Family Feud, the most common answer on the board would Fear. Fear runs deep and wears many hats. Fear can be associated with danger. Fear is anxiety. Fear is uncertainty. Fear is societal pressures or judgement. Fear can be monetary. For all to many, fear is most often connected to failure. Fear of Failure is a gigantic deterrent to many. All of this is enough for many to do the worst thing, which is nothing.

Making Changes in life, career, relationships, diet, activity, lifestyle, performance, etc. is rarely done on a whim. Conclusions are made long before action is taken. We know what needs to be done. In Episode 58, the Two Fit Crazies ask you to dig deep any proclaim that “thing” that is getting in the way of you and your next stage of living your best life. Again, the answers are yours. But know that there is gold on the other side of doing what you know is best.

So, what is it? What is holding you back?

Let Us Know! We Got You Back

With Love!

Two Fit Crazies!!!!


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