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Matthew Januszek - Escape Your Limits Podcast, Host - Escape Fitness, Co-Founder - Fitness Industry Influencer & Advocate - Episode 94 

 Two Fit Crazies & A Microphone 

Episode 94 - Matthew Januszek - Escape Your Limits Podcast, Host - Escape Fitness, Co-Founder - Fitness Industry Influencer & Advocate 

  “...understand who you want to go after..your customer that experience.”    “ your mistakes and your’s important to share open about the bad stuff.”  -Matthew Januszek   


Episode 94 of Two Fit Crazies & a Microphone podcast features the massively successful and charismatic fitness industry leader and influencer by the name of Matthew Januszek. Matthew ZOOMS in from California to talk with us about his own journey that lead him to switch careers and “escape” to a better life. As the co-founder of Escape Fitness and the host of Escape Your Limits podcast, Matthew is no stranger to hard-work and determination.  Over 20-years ago, Matthew and his father created the concept for Escape Fitness while living on the outskirts of London.  Now, Matthew talks openly about the triumphs and the struggles as an entrepreneur and how he was able to build his empire. In addition, Matthew offers tons of practical advice for fitness professionals, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts alike about how to survive in this competitive market. Hear Matthew’s views on past, present, and future trends in the fitness industry as well as what he has learned from the best in the business of fitness.      


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