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Rugby New Jersey - President KJ Fuery and Vice President Terry Matthews - Episode 108

Two Fit Crazies & A Microphone 

Episode 108 - President KJ Fuery & Vice President Terry Matthews of Rugby New Jersey 

  “ on yourself first”   

“What can I do as a player to make my team teammates better...make everything better?”   

“Rugby is the fastest growing team sport in the country.”     

Rugby New Jersey - Mission Statement: The goals of Rugby New Jersey are to promote, develop, support and increase the number of youth and High School rugby players in the State of New Jersey via a professionally run centralized administration structure.

In Episode 108, the Two Fit Crazies have a fantastic conversation with KJ Fuery and Terry Matthews, two amazingly passionate advocates for the sport of Rugby! Under the auspices of USA RUGBY, they are spearheading RUGBY New Jersey youth programs across the state. As the fastest growing team sport in the country, Rugby is not the rough, contact sport that is only for extreme athletes that people have been misled to believe. Terry and KJ talk about the ethos of Rugby and the awesome benefits that youth Rugby programs bring to not only kids, but also their parents. KJ and Terry discuss the emphasis that Rugby places on player accountability, the commitment that is expected both on and off the field, and the responsibility to values and character above all else. Did you know that all youth Rugby leagues, whether flag or contact, consist of a post-game meal provided by the home team so that players, parents, and coaches from both teams learn and practice respect for one another? KJ and Terry are out to make a difference in the lives of children across the state of New Jersey and beyond through the sport of Rugby! Reach out to them if you are interested in bringing Rugby to your community!


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