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Dr. Lisa Young PhD, RDN/Nutrition & Health Expert/Author/NYU Professor - Episode 97

Two Fit Crazies & A Microphone 

Episode 97 

Dr. Lisa Young PhD, RDN/Nutrition & Health Expert/Author/NYU Professor Public Speaker/ Portion-Size Advocate 

Author: Finally Full, Finally Slim: 30 Day to Permanent Weight-loss One Portion at a Time & The Portion Teller,

  “...Healthy habits are so important...educate yourself on what you are eating...keep a food protein at every meal…  know how much you are eating.”  -Dr. Lisa Young   


In Episode 97, the Two Fit Crazies are joined by an amazing health and nutrition expert, Dr. Lisa Young. Joining us from New York City, Dr. Young is currently celebrating great success after the release of her latest book, Finally Full, Finally Slim. Here, she discusses the importance of portion control, mindset, and habits, especially when it comes to best practices for optimal health and nutrition. Dr. Young not only gives some amazing nutritional tips and secrets from her new book, but also shares a powerful story of when she was first inspired to learn more about nutrition from her grandmother who was using healthy eating to battle breast cancer.  Dr. Young also reveals some disturbing facts about the current state of food portions and the future of food. Let’s start making some healthier choices and be aware of our portions!    


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