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Kindra Hall - Professional Storyteller/Keynote Speaker/Mother & Wife/Author: ​ Stories That Stick - Episode 106

Two Fit Crazies and a Microphone 


Episode 106 - Kindra Hall - Professional Storyteller/Keynote Speaker/Mother & Wife/Author: Stories That Stick (Pre-Order your book at Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Indie Book, etc.…) 


 “I didn’t recognize storytelling as a talent; it was something I just did.”  “I have always kind of been the “Gonzo.” What am I?”  “...all these little things...moments in my life have value...significance… I can do this!  -Kindra Hall   


In Episode 106, The Two Fit Crazies are captivated by the amazingly talented Kindra Hall. After Christine met Kindra and listened to her deliver an extremely poignant and inspirational keynote address to thousands of fitness professionals at the Orangetheory Fitness Summit in early 2019, she knew that Kindra was a diamond in the rough! Kindra, who is a professional storyteller, keynote speaker, author, mother, and wife, first made her storytelling debut in 5th grade when she began recounting the story of The Giant’s Big Toe in front of her fellow elementary school students.  Kindra then reveals her own “story” about how storytelling leads her to take part in the National Storytelling Festival in Tennessee, try out for the Concordia University, Wisconsin talent show, begin keynote speaking, and eventually write Stories That Stick! Kindra also discusses the process and the purpose of storytelling and how it can play an intricate part in successfully building, branding, and marketing any business or foster more meaningful relationships. Kindra admits that, like others, her road to  success has been paved with risk, faith and “straight-up hustle,” but by keeping an “audience forward” mindset, delivering a clear message, and accepting that you must  embrace trial and error, you will achieve your goals. Get your paper and pencils ready and let’s “flex your empathy muscles!” What is your story?    


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