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With Personal Trainers/Coaches/Athletes Christine Conti and Brian Prendergast, aka Two Fit Crazies and a Microphone, discuss Fitness, Health, Nutrition, Running, Longevity, Vitality and Healthy People Doing Healthy Things. Guest Stars on the Regular!

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Val Shah - DROM™, Creator/CEO - Episode 130

Episode 130 - Val Shah - DROM™, Creator/CEO

DRŌM™ is a unique activity that goes Beyond Drumming. DRŌM™ incorporates movement and mindfulness, energy and calm, vitality and serenity. Whether you’re a corporate team, a small group, or you prefer to DRŌM™ on your own, this is a fun and easy drumming exercise for all.

 “DROM brings energy and calm together. Moving and mindfulness. Drumming allows you to be in the moment...this is my calling!”

-Val Shah


In Episode 130 The Two Fit Crazies welcome back the very talented and relentless, Val Shah! In Episode 93, Val told her story of she created a very successful “drumming fitness” company until she lost just about everything and entered a period in which she refers to as “dark times.” In this episode Val Shah is back to talk about her AMAZING new company that rose up like the PHOENIX that infuses elements of drumming with mindful practices that she refers to as DROM! Val shares the newest chapter in her life that she believes is her “true calling!” Val Shah is bringing DROM to conferences and workshops to help people discover the power in laughter, mindfulness, relationships, fitness, and positive mindset practices. Val’s passion is apparent when she talks about how she works with professional drummers to develop beats and rhythms to share at her interactive workshops.

Let’s get Val some drumsticks, a ball, a chair, or even a table and forget your worries and have some fun! We are super excited for Val and we know you will love learning about DROM!


-Two Fit Crazies

Instagram/Facebook: @drom or @ValShah


J.P. Richard - Tribe Team Training - President and Director of Marketing and Sales

Two Fit Crazies and a Microphone Podcast

Episode 129 - J.P. Richard - Tribe Team Training - President & Director of Marketing and Sales

 “Tribe Team Training…we help health clubs bridge the gap between group classes

 and personal training.” - J.P. Richard

In Episode 129, the Two Fit Crazies are joined by another awesome Canadian guest by the name of J.P. Richard. Coming to us from Montreal, Canada, J.P. discusses his rise to success through Tribe Team Training, a New Zealand based company that is changing the way fitness studios and gyms approach group and personal training. J.P. is on a mission to help health clubs bridge the gap between group classes and personal training through this all-inclusive, thorough, and science-based program. Currently utilized in over 80 gyms across the United States, Tribe Team Training offers health clubs the ability to educate and certify current fitness professionals through specific Tribe Team Training programs.  Tribe Team Training teaches and supports fitness professionals as they work with small groups of clients through 6 week evolving cycles to meet both their individual and group goals.  J.P. explains the purpose and effectiveness of using a “tribal mentality” to improve retention, enhance member experience, and increase revenue. J.P. Richard is super passionate about Tribe Team Training, and once you hear all the amazing benefits of this program, you WILL want to check it out! 

-Two Fit Crazies

Instagram/Facebook: TribeTeamTraining