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With Personal Trainers/Coaches/Athletes Christine Conti and Brian Prendergast, aka Two Fit Crazies and a Microphone, discuss Fitness, Health, Nutrition, Running, Longevity, Vitality and Healthy People Doing Healthy Things. Guest Stars on the Regular!

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All Hail Roberta Groner, All American Bad Ass! - Episode 125

Two Fit Crazies and a Microphone Podcast

Episode 125 – Pop-Up Podcast – All Hail Roberta Groner, All American Bad Ass!


The Two Fit Crazies were so moved by the performance of American distance runner, friend and past guest of the show, Roberta Groner at the 2019 IAAF World Championships Women’s Marathon that they got together for a Pop-Up podcast to praise her in all her greatness.

Being held in Doha, Qatar, the World Championships provided the ultimate backdrop for the Full Time Nurse, mother of 3, 41-year-old, blue color All American/All World Bad Ass to show the world her amazingness and toughness. With temperatures in the 90’s, “feels like” temps in the 100’s with 70% humidity, Roberta persevered the elements, running patiently, working her way to a 2:38:44 6th place finish.

That’s Right! 6th IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!

After a performance so amazing that it brought us to tears, the Two Fit Crazies just had to stop and pay homage to Roberta on her incredible performance, in unbearable conditions, on the World’s biggest stage. ALL HAIL ROBERTA GRONER – ALL AMERICAN/ALL WORLD BAD ASS!!!!!!!!

#KFG Roberta!

The TFC’s


Hear Robert here on Episode 96:

Festival of the Sea 5K 2019 - Point Pleasant Beach, NJ - Saturday, September 21st, 2019 - Episode 124

Two Fit Crazies & A Microphone Podcast

Episode 124 - Festival of the Sea 5K 2019 - Point Pleasant Beach, NJ - Saturday, September 21st, 2019 


Keep F’ing Going  #KFG

In Episode 124, the Two Fit Crazies are LIVE broadcasting from Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey at the 5th Annual Festival of the Sea 5K! When these two were not warming up the runners per-race or announcing the finishers, the mics were hot! Hear race director, Ashli Tortorello, explain why this race means so much to her and what goes into organizing such an event. Listen in to hear from both the male and female overall winners explain what they do to be their best on race day, and be sure to get the tissue boxes ready when Jorge Torres and  Stephen Bardsley tell their extraordinarily poignant stories of persistence and grit to overcome major obstacles in their lives to be a part of this race.

Be ready to be inspired! 


-Two Fit Crazies



Festival of The Sea 5k Information:

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