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With Personal Trainers/Coaches/Athletes Christine Conti and Brian Prendergast, aka Two Fit Crazies and a Microphone, discuss Fitness, Health, Nutrition, Running, Longevity, Vitality and Healthy People Doing Healthy Things. Guest Stars on the Regular!

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Aileen Sheron - Fitness Presenter/Inventor of Omniball - Episode 123


Two Fit Crazies & A Microphone Podcast

Episode 123 - Aileen Sheron - Inventor of the Omniball ® & Flexibility Fast/President of Good Natured Products, Inc./IDEA Fitness Presenter/Fitness Specialist at Rancho LaPuerta

 “Remember you are a creative person…have your homework!  Exhaust all attempts and unique!” “...crawl in a hole or be who you are!” -Aileen Sheron


In Episode 123, the Two Fit Crazies were “WOWED” by the amazing Aileen Sheron! Coming to us from sunny West Covina, California, Aileen has been an innovator in the fitness industry for 40 years and counting! From taking and teaching dance lessons, to instructing and working alongside women such as Paula Abdul and Chalene Johnson, Aileen’s creative juices have never stopped flowing. As the creator of countless successful fitness programs, products, and exercise equipment over the years, Aileen’s resilient passion for inventing and reinventing herself is unparalleled. Listen up as Aileen delves into the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur and the invaluable information, she dishes out about what you should be doing in your life to “GO BIGGER!” Aileen will surely inspire you to stay active by incorporating her own invention, the Omniball®, as well as her highly sought-after “Flexibility Fast” programs into your life! 


-Two Fit Crazies


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Suzelle Snowden - President - Fit Bodies, Inc. - Episode 68

Episode 68

Suzelle Snowden - Fit Bodies, Inc. President

In episode #68, the Two Fit Crazies had a blast with Suzelle Snowden! Suzelle is the creator and president of Fit Bodies, Inc, a company that holds contracts with tons of high-end all-inclusive resorts across the Caribbean, South America, and soon-to-be in Europe. Have you ever been to Secrets? Club Med? Sandals? Beaches? Breezes? If so, then you would have come across a Fit Bodies Inc. fitness professional! And did you know they were staying there for free?

Suzelle shares her story of how Fit Bodies came to be after she jumped in to teach a step class for an injured instructor while on vacation in Jamaica. Fast-forward 20 years, Fit Bodies Inc. now has over 35,000 members and works with over 90 resorts. If you are a fitness professional who loves to share their passion for fitness, a teaching vacation is for you! Stay in high-end resorts, teach fitness classes in paradise, and bring up to 3 people for FREE!  WHAT?!?!

In addition, “Fit Crazy Christine”, a member of Fit Bodies Inc. since 2003, reconnects with Suzelle after 13 years and shares her own experiences staying in some of the best resorts in Jamaica and Mexico. Finally, the Two Fit Crazies get Suzelle to open up about her experiences running 50k to 100 mile races and the fact that she is also the head of the Jeff Galloway Training Program in her area! Seriously, Suzelle “walks the walk” and every fit pro needs to check out Fit Bodies Inc!

–Two Fit Crazies


Fit Bodies - Links and Info:

Facebook: Fit Bodies, Suzelle Snowden

Instagram/LinkedIn: @FitBodies

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